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Residential primary experiences and teacher training

We hope that reading this website gives you a sense of the dynamism, friendliness and warmth that Naturesbase offers. As one of the countries leading providers of residential environmental education, and provider of primary CPD courses with individual and groups of schools online and across the UK and abroad we are focused on ways of achieving improved outcomes for pupils and the professional development of teachers. We aim to create a caring and progressive environment which promotes learning by doing, nurtures initiative and encourages an enquiring mind. We have outstanding evaluations and a 98% return booking rate with schools. At our centre we provide a safe haven for learning, well being and developing self-esteem within a rich and diverse natural landscape. We are proud to be a little different and recognise that learning at all levels requires an informed balance of learning through the head heart and hand. Whether you are an A level student, a practicing teacher or a yr 3 pupil on their first residential you will not just be another visitor but very much part of the Naturesbase hub whilst staying here.  That is why at the centre we only accept one school at a time so the pupils and teachers have our full attention and become immersed in Naturesbase life 24/7. Striving towards a sustainable infrastructure is at the core of Naturesbase. We care about the food that we grow, prepare and eat, the buildings we shelter in, the energy that keeps us warm, the people that we meet, the waste that we produce and the wildlife that surrounds us. We are taking reservation bookings for 2024 and have availability in the Autumn term.


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Naturesbase purpose-built residential centre is surrounded by its diverse landscape, hand-reared animals, and outdoors classroom spaces. We offer school day-trips and residential education programmes for primary and secondary schools, teachers CPD/ INSET and families. Our specialist team of qualified teaching staff encourage both children and adults to learn new skills, benefit from experiences and develop a deeper understanding of the natural world. Whether a visit to Naturesbase is for a daytrip or a little longer - the memories will last a lifetime. Please explore our site, see the picture gallery and contact us with any questions. We very much look forward to welcoming and sharing the wonderful atmosphere of Naturesbase with you and your class soon. Gyles, Alison and the team